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First of all, we like to keep things a) simple, and b) fair. This means no bloated maintenance contracts. So, with that out of the way, let’s break down “website maintenance” into what most people really mean. Some people think about IT-related tasks and technical maintenance, while others mean regular content updates & edits. Nerds and niche writers. Geeks and graphic designers. We got 'em all on our team.

This service is bundled with other items into a monthly marketing program.

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We're responsible for website maintenance as part of our monthly marketing services for loads of companies such as...

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Canadian Restaurant Supply
Gostlin Keefer Lake Lodge
Berry Architecture
Metal Structure Concepts
FH&P Lawyers
Mineral Mountain Ziplines
Sirocco Food and Wine Consulting
the 'IT' factor

The 'IT' factor

On average, our website maintenance costs are $0. There are no license fees or upkeep contracts for most websites we create. We provide free patches, fixes, and updates. If there’s a ghost in the machine, we’ll be your Ghostbusters; otherwise, keep calm and carry on.

  • We accommodate small changes during new website development within the project's scope and budget. Bigger add-ons incur fixed costs. Post-training, you can easily manage your content changes 98% of the time.
  • Hosting/email/spam/hacker-related, 'sneaky' issues are handled at no charge if the website is hosted with Twin Creek Media. If hosted elsewhere, web IT Support charges will apply.
  • Third-party costs like email marketing or Ecommerce-related fees may apply, but we'll always keep you in the loop!

    Content edits & updates

    Updates and ongoing content is a vital part of marketing, and our team manages this type of maintenance for many companies.

    During the budget stage, the scope of work is estimated and placed into the monthly budget but is not a retainer. We only invoice real work, not pretend work.

    Content updates are the lifeblood of search engine optimization because Google loves fresh information. Your customers do, too! Our office is like a website beehive on a typical day, creating pillar content and publishing articles, photos, videos, how-to’s, offers, promotions, product updates, holiday hours, new employees, awards, press releases, events… and well, you get the idea… updates!

        content edits & updates
        TCM did a great job building our website within a short timeline. Their team was easy to work with and very knowledgeable, considering all the moving parts. Evan Chu, Jani King of Southern Ontario
        We have only great things to say about the Twin Creek Media team! They turned our sad website and online marketing strategy into an amazing well oiled advertising machine in a few short years. We are thrilled with the results and appreciate their knowledge and honesty. Sandi Kneller, Rafter 4K Contracting Ltd.


        People abandon sites that take 3 seconds or more to load


        of people don't trust outdated websites 


        of website content is actively read by users 

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        Consumers shop on their smartphones
        We love Twin Creek's team, what they offered, the positive attitude, and we could tell they were gonna be a good fit for what we were looking for. Steve Ivanitz, Metal Structure Concepts
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