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Build What's Missing

The Design stage covers the creation of all assets & materials needed.  To get the most out of your advertising dollars, your company needs the pieces in place to capture and convert the people that find you.

All kinds of materials could be created depending on the business, but one item is always high on the list: your website.  Websites have such a large role in a business, that they should almost be considered a key employee.

Best of all, this stage is creative and tons of fun!

the creative stage

  • Branding
    The idea. The very essence. The message & positioning. The visual mark. Digital and traditional materials. Every touchpoint that creates and sustains your reputation is key. Our branding packages are comprehensive and tailored for what you need.
  • Basic Websites
    Perfect for startups, or entrepreneurs that need a simple, but powerful website that you can update yourself. Usually 1-3 pages, but with the ability to grow as you do. Developed by our team in Kelowna.
  • Professional Websites
    Leverage the power of website that welcomes, educates, and inspires your visitors to take action. We’ve created 100s of professional websites that are designed to perform. All websites are created with love by our in-house team; not outsourced.
  • eCommerce Websites
    Selling online is the new reality and can compliment a physical storefront. Whether you sell products or services, we can create a website that’s a great platform for customers to create accounts, signup, shop, order, and pay online. Designed and developed by our team in Kelowna using the world-class Shopify platform.
  • Social Media Account Setup
    Social media channels are some of the most popular and effective communication methods on earth. We’ll help you put your best foot forward on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and others.
  • Print Collateral
    Despite the rise of digital, printed materials still have a place. Our designers can create any sort of tool you need, plus organize great pricing on printing through our network of suppliers. Business card, brochures, flyers, rack cards, posters, magazine & newspaper ads, large format banners & graphics - you name it.
  • Trade show / Event Materials
    From handouts to full booths, or digital tools and contact followup campaigns, our team can be your support behind the scenes.
  • Radio Commercials
    Video may have killed the radio star, but it’s still the #1 way to reach people in their vehicles, working on the job site outside, or anyone else generally on the move all day. We have relationships will all local stations.
  • TV Commercials
    One of best forms of advertising is through video. Depending on your target audience, traditional TV commercials and alternatives like YouTube commercials reach the masses and can be powerful tools for your business.
  • Marketing Videos
    Video can be used for many business purposes, like virtual tours, overviews, customer stories & testimonials, education, product or service explainers, as well as regular advertising. Distribution on social media and on your website leverages your work.
  • Photography
    We have several photographers on our extended team specializing in people, products, architecture, etc. Photos are used across your online and offline communications and are vital marketing assets.
  • Writing
    The pen is mightier than the sword… well, without getting unnecessarily philosophical, let’s just say our brilliant team of writers can handle it.  Projects like sales copy, technical articles, search engine optimization, staff bios, and video scripts. Words will leap off the page like leaping lemurs… leap ^ leap ^ LEAP!

Big Idea: let's build a website that works

Your website is central to success… it’s the online representative of your entire organization.
It’s your go-getter salesperson. It’s the customer service gateway.
It has a lot depending on it so It better be amazing!
When your website is working well, the people that hit the page like what they see.  All of your advertising dollars are optimized.

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