Image is everything
(not really, but read on)

Many companies still fail the image test. The world sees a collection of blurry images, bad clipart, or even worse, weird smiles from people in front of palm trees (esp. when your business is in British Columbia). Your customers are appalled, and trust levels drop.

Twin Creek has multiple photographers on our roster specializing in people, products, architecture, scenery, events, and more. Sure, you can opt for stock images, but nothing builds trust and credibility like your own shots.

This service can be stand-alone or part of a bigger project.

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We've taken 1000s of pictures of people, places, and things over the years for great companies like...

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The Greenery
Fresh Air
Berry Architecture
the speed of sight

The speed of sight

Photography is, first and foremost, about emotion. Hopefully, a powerful emotional connection. And that emotion is expressed at the speed of sight. It happens so fast it's almost subconscious (incidentally, the subconscious is the same place where most purchase decisions are made). That's why we speak of images "burned" into your memory.

When was the last time 500 words of text were "burned" into your memory? But a genuine picture? It's worth 500 interactions, 500 conversions, and 500 loyal customers.

We not only live in a digital age but also a visual age. Ignoring the power of photography in your marketing arsenal is akin to leaving money on the table. Dismiss at your own risk.

The best brand support

There are quite a number of pro photographers on Twin Creek Media’s roster. Some specialize in people, others in products, outdoor action, or scenery.

Whatever style you need, we can deliver.

Let’s showcase your latest products, facilities, and great people. Get a personal or group portrait and add a face to your business, or capture your products from their "good side" with professional photography for great-looking, consistent brochures, catalogues and web galleries.

the best brand support
The Twin Creek team has been nothing short of amazing in working with us through these very challenging times. The team has been exceptional at listening to our needs and making valuable and current suggestions based on their expertise to direct us in getting the most value and action from our marketing budget. Very simply, we love working with them! - Dawn Miller, Bighorn Moving & Storage


Higher time spent on web pages with images


Web users are visual learners 


Higher views on social posts with images


Increased information retention with images
Twin Creek Media is very unique in that they can do everything. Some companies just specialize or focus on one aspect of marketing, but they can do it all. Kirsten Segler, The Greenery
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