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Okay, Madonna may not have meant print materials. Moving on... despite the rise of digital, printed materials still have a place. Business cards, folders, brochures, flyers, rack cards, posters, magazine & newspaper ads, large format banners, vehicle graphics, clothing & swag - you name it. Twin Creek's own business cards are even made from sustainable bamboo.

This service can be stand-alone or part of a bigger project.

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You're in good company

Since the early 2000s, we've designed oodles of print materials for 100s of companies, such as...

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Creative Muse
Jim Dent Construction
Jani King
Kokanee Mountain Zipline
Metal Structure Concepts
Snore MD
great print partners

Great print partners

Tight turnaround times and/or small quantities? No problem. We have established relationships with local print shops in Kelowna, BC.

Looking for specialty materials, die-cut, cool paper stock, or high quantities? No problem. We still have more relationships with big, national print shops, too. Our friends are your friends.

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Some products and services can benefit greatly from having some sort of “hand-out”—it is an ideal place to highlight specific information while providing supporting images and strengthening your brand.

Whether it is a rack card, a four or six-panel folding brochure, or a glossy one-sheet, our designers will create a compelling tool for your business.

put something in your customer's hands
Hiring marketing professionals is like finding the right dentist or doctor. As we all know the cornerstone of professional relationships is being able to feel completely at ease and never-ending trust. Twin Creek creates and perpetuates that environment. Their direction will elevate, improve and maintain the image and financial health of your business. Stephen Milaney, JET Uniform & Janitorial
magazines & newspapers still exist

Magazines & newspapers still exist!

You’ve got a space, whether it's a 4-inch box or a 2-page spread, and you need to fill it with the perfect ad that will grab attention and prompt action. Designing a great print ad takes experience and a proven track record. We’ve all seen those - how do we say it - ugly ads that cram a million things into a tiny space. There's a better formula.

Our marketing agency understands the layout etiquette that is specific to both newspapers and magazines, ensuring that your message and brand come through in the strongest way possible.


of people believe print ads are more valuable than digital

1 in 0

of our clients advertise in magazines because it's still very effective in their industry 


Twin Creek's own business cards are laser-cut bamboo. Eco-friendly and unique.


of companies see an increase in web traffic due to printed catalogues
In one word I'll tell you, It's a partnership. It's a great partnership. They think outside of the box. We have these really great brainstorming sessions. I just have lots of ideas and they take my ideas and make them come to life. Brenda Rayburn, Best Western PLUS
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