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The play button is one of the most recognizable icons of the 21st century. First appearing (in my own memory at least) on VCRs and ghetto blasters in the 1980s, it's now the logo of a $30 billion dollar website you may have heard of – YouTube. Video is absolutely everywhere, and only some of it is watched on TV. If you haven't embraced it yet, our team can help you be seen and remembered through captivating interviews, animations, parody music videos, commercials, teasers, explainers, and more!

This service can be stand-alone or part of a bigger project.

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Creekside Accounting
Space Centre Storage
Fresh Air
Quantech Software Inc
Berry Architecture
Gostlin Keefer Lake Lodge
FH&P Lawyers
Metal Structure Concepts
video is power

Video is power

Power to communicate.

Power to influence and inspire.

Power to entertain (and educate without even trying!)

Video is amazing and should be in your marketing toolkit. At Twin Creek Media, we convey a clear message with compelling visuals, engaging audio and clever script-writing. We appeal to emotions and the imagination.

We have years of expertise in creating effective explainer videos, project videos, company overviews, video testimonials, and witty “TV commercials” that pop up on social media.

The holy grail of reviews

Video testimonials are the “Holy Grail” of reviews. Who wouldn't want to hear first-hand experiences from your customers? And when it's in the form of a video, it's an absolute game-changer!

Do you have a client or customer who raves about you? Roll the camera! Nothing builds credibility faster. Videos showcasing real people and their candid experiences increase trust and authenticity. Seeing is believing.

Videos can be leveraged on your website, email newsletter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, plus offline, such as trade shows or wall-mounted TVs.

the holy grail of reviews
Twin Creek only offers the best quality of work. They are personable, professional, and very positive. We've been at their Kelowna office several times and all the staff is super friendly and fun to work with. If you are looking for marketing, videos, website design, SEO or anything else, then Twin Creek Media is your best bet! Brett Martyna, Space Centre Storage


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Companies currently create how-to, explainer or testimonial videos


of businesses say that videos have increased sales of products/services


of companies are increasing their video production budget each year
I totally would recommend... actually to be honest I've probably recommended about half a dozen different customers already. Ryan O, Fresh Air
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