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Your website is your home base on the internet. It's the digital representative of your entire company and is vitally important. Leverage the power of a website that welcomes, educates, and inspires your visitors to take action. We’ve created 100s of professional websites that are designed to perform. All websites are created with love by our in-house team; not outsourced.

This service can be stand-alone or part of a bigger project.

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We've designed 100s of amazing websites for organizations across Canada and the USA, such as...

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Pool Patrol
Berry Arhcitecture
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The Greenery
let's get blueprinting

Let's get blueprinting

Similar to a blueprint for constructing a new home, a website needs to be mapped out beforehand. "Information architecture" probably sounds foreign, but it's all about the business basics:

  • How will a new website meet your organization's needs?
  • How will it meet your users' needs?
  • How should the site be organized?
  • What are the special features and functions you need?
  • What are the key calls to action, and how will your goals be measured?

The artist and the geek

Modern websites are half works-of-art and half technical wizardry.

  • We'll explore the look, feel, and visual elements your customers will love.
  • What do your competitors' websites look like? How will your website experience be the best?

Once visuals, graphics and content are finalized, we enter what we jokingly call the Matrix (aka computer code). It's actually not that scary. We use industry-standard platforms like WordPress, MODX, Squarespace, Shopify, Magento, and Thinkific– they are great tools to self-manage day-to-day updates.

the artist and the geek
While commissioning a new website for a medium-sized business, Twin Creek Media were professional, capable, and patient with our needs and requirements. As the work began, we found them to be accommodating towards our ideas. We will be expanding our online services in the next year, and we will definitely be soliciting Twin Creek Media again for the work to come. What a pleasure to do business with such capable folks who are a credit to their industry! 10/10 would recommend! Jeremy F, BC Agricultural Farm
TCM did a great job building our website within a short timeline. Their team was easy to work with and very knowledgeable, considering all the moving parts. Evan Chu, Jani-King of Southern Ontario
a site to behold

A site to behold

After testing and quality assurance, it's launch day! Your website becomes one of your favourite employees. It's fast, hard-working, always happy, and never complains. Best of all - it gets results and your clients & customers love it.

Ribbons are cut. Champagne is poured. Now breathe, you're done. For now. But we should probably start driving loads of people to your new website. Our average campaign increases website traffic by 300 - 1000%.


Lost sales left in abandoned carts each day in Canada

0 secs

Maximum page load speed before (many) people leave


Average number of web visitors on their phones


or more visitors when your website ranks on Google
I'm very impressed with the quality of Twin Creek's work. You can tell that the website hasn't been done by an amateur. It's not something that's just hosted on Wordpress. When people go to our website they instantly think that our product is quality, because the website is so quality. Nature's Pond
From Twin Creek Media's YouTube Channel

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