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Right time, right place, right message

By this point, we've taken the time to understand your goals, market position, and ideal customers. Now we can get tactical. We’ll choose the tactics, media channels, and placements for your advertising. Digital, traditional, local or national... our team has over a decade of experience planning (and executing) campaigns that get results.

This service is usually bundled with other items into a marketing plan for your organization– a 4 to 6 week project called a Marketing Roadmap.

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We've developed comprehensive advertising strategies for loads of companies, local and national, such as...

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Okanagan Dentistry
Versatile Concrete
Wine Country Homes
ad strategy or bad strategy?

Ad strategy or bad strategy?

If you don't have an advertising strategy, chances are it's a "hope-for-the-best" collection of random activities... aka bad strategy. We can help! Let's get your ad delivery pitch-perfect so that your brand, audience, message, and budget hit all the right notes.

  • It all starts with your goals and customer personas (and decades of experience). We'll match up the best ad types and media channels for your company.
  • What channels should you use– digital, traditional, both?
  • Feeling lost in a saturated market? We help your voice stand out by making sure your ads are where your audience is. There is such a thing as perfect timing.

Money, media, and metrics

When it comes to advertising, you’ve got to spend money to make money. No surprise here.

  • But how much should you spend?
  • What's a good deal, what's a bad deal?
  • What's the commitment?
  • What are the pitfalls to avoid?
  • How will your advertising strategy be measured?

The Twin Creek team will carefully split your advertising dollars against proposed channels so you can see where your money is being spent. That's just step one. Ultimately, ads are tracked all the way down your marketing funnel to your end results. No ad strategy is born perfect, but gets closer and closer when tied into a continuous improvement loop.

    money, media, and metrics
    We needed our marketing needs handled in one spot Twin Creek has the ability to do that. Twin Creek Media did a lot for us actually, they identified what our needs really were and areas that we weren't doing well in our advertising and they packaged it all together. They found out how to correct the problems and have just been really responsive with the level of service, we can email them our needs anytime during the day and they get back to us right away. A lot of small business owners know their business really well but they don't understand advertising, and Twin Creek was great at explaining that in a way that we could understand. The team at Twin Creek Media walked us through it very carefully step by step and have been terrific to deal with. Even though there's an outlay of cash involved in your advertising we know it's not dollars being wasted and we know those dollars have come back to us. Allan Horwood, Pool Patrol


    Predicted digital ad spend in Canada by 2026


    Increased spend on social media ads by marketers


    Increased web traffic due to video ads

    2 for 1

    Average* ROI from money spent on Google Ads
    *Twin Creek's average is much higher
    I totally would recommend... actually to be honest I've probably recommended about half a dozen different customers already. Ryan O, Fresh Air
    From Twin Creek Media's YouTube Channel

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