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Your story is unfolding

It's been said your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touchpoints. Put even more simply, your brand is your reputation. Your reputation precedes you, but you can certainly influence it! Let's think ahead and organize your main brand as well as any product or service sub-brands. Your customers will gain clarity, and your employees will gain sanity.

This service is usually bundled with other items into a marketing plan for your organization– a 4 to 6 week project called a Marketing Roadmap.

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We've completed brand strategy projects for some of the greatest companies on Earth (in our opinion), including...

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Bullseye Packaging
Ledge on Lakeshore
Koenders Water Solutions
what is your story

What is your story?

Your company's reputation starts with your story, and it isn't just about knowing what you do or sell; it's about understanding why you do it and for whom.

  • Why do you exist? Your company, we mean. Oh boy, this is a fun question to explore.
  • How do you provide value? Let's discuss perceived value and tangible benefits.
  • Emotions that you associate with your brand will be used to develop personality and a recognizable brand voice.

Brand strategy before design

Branding projects are often stand-alone projects that come after the strategic thinking has been completed. During the marketing roadmap stage, we need a 30,000ft view of your brand to see the overarching picture.

  • What company divisions or product lines need to be brought under a unifying brand umbrella?
  • Define naming conventions and rules for brand names, icons, graphics, website domain names, etc.
brand strategy before design
"When I teamed up with Twin Creek Media, they immediately got to know my brand and company. They used this information to create a marketing plan that included lots of great ideas, which helped me reach more people than ever before. With their help, we developed metrics so it would be easy for us to measure the impacts on our business goals. The positive message in our advertisements resonated very well with customers; over time, these ads have made me look like an industry leader who is always out there trying new things! Working with them has taken my company's reputation into another stratosphere!!" Byron Bates, Muskwa Computer Sciences


Seconds until people start judging your brand (web, print, video, signage)


Only buy from brands that share their values

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People want brands to be more transparent


Pay more when buying from a brand they trust

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