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How much is _______? This is close to the number one question we get asked at our marketing agency. Budgeting is a science for sure since it's mostly math, after all. Beyond numbers, the art of budgeting requires finesse. Using our experience managing 100s of projects, we'll accurately quote your project. Or, better still, we’ll create your annual marketing budget so your dollars aren't being wasted in the wrong areas.

This service is usually bundled with other items into a marketing plan for your organization– a 4 to 6 week project called a Marketing Roadmap.

You're in good company

We've led budgeting exercises and created annual marketing budgets for small and large companies in all kinds of industries, like...

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Fresh Air
Cedar Creek Winery
Windward Software
kokanee Mountain Zipline
reverse-engineered budgets

Reverse-engineered budgets

Those with a tech background might be familiar with the term "reverse-engineered". It means figuring out how to make something by taking apart a finished product. The "finished product" in this case is your company's finish line that we defined in the goal-setting exercise of your marketing roadmap. We like this method of budgeting because it's tied to a specific outcome.

  • All budgets are referenced and compared to national benchmarks for everyone's sanity.
  • Budgets can be stress-tested before a nickel is spent. Are the goals & budgets realistic?

Numbers are beautiful

Who loves a well-organized spreadsheet? I know there's a few of us out there! We're big fans of getting way ahead in the area of financial planning. Three-year goals are important to discuss, but your 12-month budget is divided into precise allocations for chosen media channels and tied back to revenue goals for complete accountability.

  • Revenue targets are held in focus. What is going to have the best impact on the bottom line? Does the advertising mix make sense?
  • Every dollar is held accountable. Budgets aren't set and forgotten. Our team tracks every dollar, then makes recommendations about what should be adjusted. Continuous improvement is our core mantra.
numbers are beautiful
"The team has been exceptional at listening to our needs and making valuable and current suggestions based on their expertise to direct us in getting the most value and action from our marketing budget. Very simply, we love working with them!" Dawn Miller, Bighorn Moving & Storage


Percentage of annual revenue most steady-growth companies are investing in marketing


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Regrets you'll have when your marketing budget is drafted in advance, yet not set in stone

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