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You heard it said, "a picture is worth a thousand words". It's true. We agree that marketing is often visual. But let's think for a moment about those thousand words. They need crafting like everything else attached to your brand. Brands need to find their voice. Our team will help craft the words that capture your brand's essence– whether it's 3 words or 1000.

This service is usually bundled with other items into a marketing plan for your organization– a 4 to 6 week project called a Marketing Roadmap.

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We've crafted key messages for 100s of companies (even some award-winning campaigns), including organizations like...

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Planet Bee Honey Farm
Hunters Hill
Scouts Canada
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words with heart and soul

Words with heart and soul

A great marketing message isn't even recognized as such. Your audience simply likes it. In one industry, the message could be received as pure emotion - heart and soul. In another industry, an incredible marketing message could come across as pure fact and brilliance. Either way, your audience reacts with subconscious agreement and a desire for more.

How are we going to achieve these things? By helping you write your story. Using your brand's voice, we'll craft your story, value proposition, product & service descriptions, campaign taglines, webcopy, email promos, printed material, video scripts, etc.

    Pillars, components, clusters

    Twin Creek's writing team has developed a great process that lays the foundation of all writing content - something we call the Company Storybook.

    • Every great story has an intriguing plot. In your company, we'll sort out the central pillars that hold up the rest of your story.
    • How are the pillars used? They form the overarching themes and key messages.
    • Cluster topics are developed that surround the pillar, which, in turn, spearhead content creation.
      pillars, components, clusters
      "If you want a media presence that is well-crafted, functional and reliable with that touch of creative genius that makes you stand out - then you need the folks at Twin Creek Media. We have had the pleasure of working with them for several years and are continually impressed with the consistent quality of their work, their adaptability in a fast-changing media world and their willingness to listen to our opinions and needs." Liz, Sentinel Bookkeeping


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