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Who are the current industry leaders, how do you stack up, and what can we learn from their website, market position, social media activity, and digital marketing tactics? Most markets are crowded; likely, yours too. Standing out online is hard to do, but it's part of your larger job of managing your brand. An online competitive analysis is a useful tool for brand management.

This service is usually bundled with other items into a marketing plan for your organization– a 4 to 6 week project called a Marketing Roadmap.

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We've completed an online competitive analysis for 100s of companies, including these leaders...

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Bighorn Moving & Storage
Okanagan Insulation Services
Downtown Marina
keep your friends close and frenemies closer

Keep your friends close and frenemies closer

We dive headfirst into a year's worth of your website's data and crunch numbers to find out what the people think.

  • What's your visitor traffic looking like? Is it jammed up or a ghost town? And where are they coming from?
  • Devices that have a hold on web visitors, are you capitalizing on this opportunity?
  • The average length of time your guests spend; are they virtually window-shopping or taking action?

So, what do you get? Insight into Better User Experience, which will result in more web activity that really matters.

Are you leading the pack or following the herd?

This is where we assess your standing in relation to your 'frenemies.' It's not just about staying ahead; it's about setting the pace, innovating, and setting benchmarks in your industry.

  • Are you using best practices for your website that your competitors may or may not be using?
  • We analyze criteria side-by-side, you against your competitors. Gain a view of the bigger picture.
are you leading the pack or following the herd
The Online Competitor Analysis section of the Roadmap provided invaluable insights to our company. TCM not only unearthed new and crucial information but also enabled us to carve out a distinctive niche for our business, setting us apart from our competitors. Brandon Westgate, Plan B Contractors
what can you do better

What can you do better?

Analysis leads to action. Understanding your current strengths and weaknesses vs. competitors focuses your attention on what needs to change.

  • Actionable suggestions that you can implement from the get-go.
  • Effective gap closers - Whether it's smoother navigation, trust factors, page speed, website forms that generate more leads, social media, etc, etc.... you'll know how to be the best.


Lost sales in Canada due to unoptimized websites


Average time spent browsing a new site


of people won't return after a bad website experience


Increase in sales with  visible calls-to-action
We love Twin Creek's team, what they offered, the positive attitude, and we could tell they were gonna be a good fit for what we were looking for. Steve Ivanitz, Metal Structure Concepts
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