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Search engine optimization can be boiled down to one word: visibility. Higher Google rankings will earn your website better visibility which results in more clicks and visitors. More traffic means more customers and is directly tied to growth. Beating competitors in search engines is a serious job, but knowing your rankings for relevant keywords is the starting point.

This service is usually bundled with other items into a marketing plan for your organization– a 4 to 6 week project called a Marketing Roadmap.

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search engine optimization health check

Search engine optimization health check

Just like a regular health checkup can keep illness at bay, we use website health checks to keep online ailments away. Our diagnostic tool looks into every nook and cranny of your website to evaluate its condition.

  • HTTP status codes: find out what Google considers errors; issues that lead to poor rankings.
  • Indexing tags: are your pages properly discoverable to search engines?
  • Content quality: determine the relevance and value that your content provides to your audience.
  • SEO score: get an overall score factoring in all criteria, ranging from on-page optimization to backlink profiles.

Words have weight

Keywords are pivotal in driving traffic to your website. It's basically the heartbeat of your site's health.

  • We research what people are typing in to find you: words, phrases, sentence fragments, the works.
  • Foolproof keyword lists are developed so you don't have to take any more shots in the dark.
  • Practical use! Keyword lists are used for future Google Ad campaigns and to write fresh content for your website.
words have weight
Hiring marketing and website professionals is like finding the right dentist or doctor. As we all know, the cornerstone of professional relationships is feeling completely at ease and having never-ending trust. Twin Creek creates and perpetuates that environment. Their direction will elevate, improve and maintain the image and financial health of your business. Twin Creek's advice, execution, and passion for creativity have driven our GOOGLE rankings through the roof, resulting in many new clients. Make a good business decision and hire this firm! Stephen Milaney, JET Uniform & Janitorial
king of rankings

King of rankings

We've established the importance of keywords on their own, but keywords that rank have the power to put you in a league of your own, and, you've guessed it, the mastermind behind it all is Google.

  • Guidance in using your keywords to their maximum potential.
  • The higher your Google ranking, the more visibility your website will get, and the more clicks.
  • Organic ranking takes months, even years and the effort never stops. Google Ads are a great complimentary strategy so you get more website visitors now and in the future.


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What really stands out with Twin Creek Media is their quality of work. They're really good about brand consistency, and we've stuck with them because they've been consistently delivering a good product. Brett M, Space Centre Storage
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