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Celebrating 20 years of Twin Creek Media: Stumbles, Successes and Everything In Between

The ‘creek-ers’ behind it all!

The ‘creek-ers’ behind it all!

Twin Creek Media Kelowna Marketing Agency

Over two decades, our CEO, James Shaw and his partner, Thomas Berger, transformed Twin Creek Media (TCM) into a thriving success story. Their entrepreneurial journey, like many, had its share of challenges and humorous mistakes.

Originally named Mediaruption in college, our innovative company name dropped dangerously low on the ‘cool scale’ when people struggled to pronounce it; it's safe to say it was a ‘humble beginning’ here at TCM.

Rebranded as Twin Creek Media, our agency has now reached a milestone of 20 years, serving as a full-service marketing agency for around 50 mid-sized companies

“We’ve worked with hundreds of companies over the years,” Shaw says. “The combined experience our team has is remarkable. We have insights into every industry you can think of”.

Shaw and his co-founder embraced their inner jack-of-all-trades skill sets by creating a well-rounded marketing department that handles everything from strategy to advertising to websites, all from the ground up.

Aiming to be the go-to for businesses earning between $2 million and $20 million; our 10-person team in Kelowna (and a network of contractors) delivers cost-effective and comprehensive marketing solutions covering everything from design and programming to social media management and monthly marketing. We don’t believe in remaining stagnant; our team is constantly updating our knowledge and staying afloat with the dynamism in the industry to provide our clients with best practices that drive growth. What’s even better is that though the Okanagan Valley is home to TCM, we strive to boost the performance of all companies that call North America their ‘backyard.’ 

That being said, it’s not all about the bottom line at Twin Creek Media; philanthropy is a core value, too. With active support for various causes that resonate with our team, we do our part of helping the world be a better place to live in.

It's always revolved around the people, and Shaw highlights the company's dedication to transparent and creative partnerships. With an approach like no other, Twin Creek Media prides itself on loyal, all-in relationships with clients. Reflecting on the 20-year journey, Shaw notes the company's surprising growth and continuous commitment to bringing out the fun side of business while also focusing on results. Don’t believe us? Our very own company video is a Barenaked Ladies music parody.

Read the full media release to learn what 20 years has looked like for TCM. If you’re in need of marketing services that can be ‘plugged’ into your business for proven results, reach out to us, and we’ll let our two decades of experience do the talking!

Twin Creek Media is Kelowna’s marketing department, available to help you build your brand, pump up your social media channels, or refresh your website. Meet the rest of your Marketing Dream Team and contact us today to discuss the growth of your company!