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Integrated Marketing in Kelowna: Just Do It

What do Nike, Apple and Volkswagen have in common? You guessed it, great advertising campaigns. But what makes them great? Sure, these brands' long-term campaigns are witty, original and they seem to speak to people. What's more, they apply a strategy our Kelowna marketing company hails as necessary for success: integrated marketing. What is 'integrated' marketing? It means your company breathes your brand's image. Your website, billboards, business cards, slogan, logo, mission statement, newspaper ads, commercials and even your receptionist's voice all say the same thing: We are X. We stand for Y. We give you Z.

Nike's 'Just do it' campaign was launched in 1988, and it's still going strong today in 2013. The brand has used what we now call integrated marketing to build its identity--one of strength, inspiration, and excellence--across all channels. 

Apple's Approach

Let's look at Apple as an example. From their sleek, user-driven retail stores and website to their minimalist product designs and those iconic commercials, every inch of Apple tells you: I'm going to make your life better. Apple isn't actually selling innovative, excellent things, they're selling the idea that those things will enrich your life1. Integrated marketing is about more than a common colour scheme or a tagline on every ad and slip of stationery. Everything--your marketing material's text and art, your every advertising platform, your customer service, your company vision--should all communicate a single message.

Sounds simple, right? Not exactly. For some businesses, using an integrated marketing approach requires a complete marketing makeover, professional help from an expert Kelowna marketing team, and, even more, commitment to a long-term marketing strategy that truly connects with your audience.

What makes an effective integrated marketing campaign?

  • Messages that grab customers by the eyeballs and the gut. Sit down with your staff and think about what your company stands for and what it really does for customers. Then, it's your marketing team's job to find ways to connect with your audience in a meaningful way and spread your brand's identity on every surface.
  • Consistency. Or think of it as harmony. All of your marketing platforms and your company's everyday ethos should always be communicating that single brand identity.
  • Time. Your organization might take a while to adopt and then execute an integrated marketing approach, and it'll take time for your customers to take note and for the dividends to pay off. But it will. Studies show the most successful companies have long-lasting, integrated marketing campaigns (think about Nike and Just do it).

Looking for other ways to show your customers you care? Check out our post on social care. If you're in Kelowna, marketing is made easy and effective with the help of Twin Creek Media, the Kelowna marketing company that delivers results. Contact us to learn more about our integrated marketing services in Kelowna. 1. Eisenberg, Brian. "The Steve Jobs Way to Marketing Integration."