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Aberdeen Hall School Fundraiser Support

Twin Creek Media was founded on 3 values that (purposely) grind against each other: integrity, capitalism, and philanthropy.  The truth is somewhere in the conflict of those values as we work them out in reality on a daily basis.  I supposed it's our take on Canadian musician, Leonard Cohen's famous lyric, "There is a crack, a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in." Part of our volunteer work this year was to support Aberdeen Hall's Fundraising Gala.  It's was great being a part of huge community of supporters to help raise the bar of academic excellence.  This year we provided graphic design and layout of various Gala print materials.

The Aberdeen Hall Annual Gala is a themed event that includes dinner, dancing and entertainment for the purpose of raising funds for Aberdeen Hall Preparatory School. The event attracts not only members of our school community and their friends and family, but many recognized community leaders, business owners and community members from across the Valley. The Aberdeen Hall Annual Gala is critical component of the school's funding, with

100% of the proceeds going directly into supporting our children's education.