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A-Team Grows by 3 People

The last year has been a roller coaster for business owners.  Marketing agencies like us who work with all different kinds of companies in lots of industries get a unique perspective.  Some industries were hit hard and still haven't recovered.  Others industries are booming.  Almost 12 months after COVID-19 impacted the local economy, Twin Creek Media is starting to see growth too.

Checking in with our A-Team leader, James Shaw, gave us a chance to break down the needs of our small business, revel in the excitement of adding to our team, and highlighting our core values.

Let’s meet the newest marketing professionals on the team.


“It comes to down to more companies needing marketing help - especially online.  Around July 2020, we had a big increase in people asking us about branding, websites, social media, local advertising, ranking well on Google.  To meet the demand, we needed to grow our team.  We need to have the right people on the bus, or A-Team van in this case!”  – James Shaw, Creative Director/Partner


1. Teresa - Communications Director, Account Manager

Teresa enjoys exploring Kelowna with her family.

Teresa enjoys exploring Kelowna with her family.

Teresa has an enormous passion for marketing, great content, and storytelling. She has been working in the Kelowna digital space since 2006, with time spent in agencies, tech start-ups, contract work, and Disney Interactive.

Why did she join TCM? Teresa wanted to get back to the agency world and help clients across different industries tell their stories. Working with Twin Creek Media in the past, it was a no-brainer for Teresa to become one of our core members. 

Working with startups and established companies, Teresa brings a lot of experience and seniority to the team.” James continues, “She has a smart business sense and strategic mind for businesses. Thomas and I are thankful that she's here!” 

Graduating from the University of Calgary with a BComm, Major in Marketing, her skills and ability to see the big picture provide our team with another visionary leader. 

2. Katherine - Graphic Designer

Hailing from Mississauga, Katherine was looking for new opportunities and glowing sunshine. With her eyes on Kelowna, she didn’t look back while on her cross-country journey. In June 2020, Katherine graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Design degree. She has a level of ingenious creativity that is a perfect fit with our A-Team.    

We are thrilled with her willingness to learn, eagerness, and ambition. The fact that she’s willing to come across the country to join a marketing agency is amazing. She is fitting in well, doing the right things, and learning the ropes.”

Katherine’s versatile range of illustration, typography, and layout skills will elevate the graphic products we produce for our clients.

Katherine loves her Portuguese Water Dog - Lily.

Katherine loves her Portuguese Water Dog - Lily.

3. Kyla - Digital Communications Manager

Kyla spends her free time playing cards to keep her mind sharp.

Kyla spends her free time playing cards to keep her mind sharp.

Kyla graduated from Sprott Shaw College with a Business Administration and Management Diploma. Her first job while attending college was at Big White Ski Resort Ltd. as Social Media Coordinator. The learning curve was steep but she was able to learn techniques and strategies quickly. 

Kyla has a good background in communications and social media. Not just the execution of social media, which is important, but the ability to start with a vision and be able to speak that vision in the voice of a particular company.  Kyla has a cool imaginative side that captured us.

Kyla will enrich our clients' social channels with engaging and relatable content. Having a passion for creativity, she tackles every project with an energetic and contagious enthusiasm! 


Bonus Reading (for the people that read to the bottom of articles!)

Q. Why do these three marketing professionals fit so well with Twin Creek?

A. It's because their approach and work mirror the company's core values. 


What are Twin Creek Media’s values?

Twin Creek Media is founded on three principles: 

  • Capitalism
  • Philanthropy
  • Integrity

On one side we have Capitalism, becoming successful through ambition and achievement. On the opposite side, we harness Philanthropy by giving back to the community. Above all, we work with Integrity - doing the right thing for our clients and our inner-self.

James explains, “It's a strange blend of principles perhaps.  The truth comes out in the conflict between them.  We're competitive. We want to win. We want our clients to win. But you have to balance that out with community spirit and humanitarianism. It’s important how you treat employees and how you treat your customers - with integrity above all.

We are thrilled to welcome our new star-studded marketing professionals. As our small marketing company grows - our values will reflect in the work we do for our clients

We invite you to meet the rest of our talented members of Twin Creek Media. We are a marketing company with a proven methodology that delivers strong business development. Let us do the hard work for you - after all, we are Kelowna's marketing department.