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Video Marketing: How To Show Your Business Online

Ready? Action! Get your business seen through video.

Ready? Action! Get your business seen through video.

3 Video Marketing Ideas

That question has been circulating throughout the marketing community for years. It has come to a head now more than ever with social platforms like Tik Tok, Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram TV. This forward-facing marketing strategy is captivating the masses with how-to videos, customer testimonials, and real-raw content that gives us a sense of authenticity. 

How can video help you with your business? It boils down to “realness” of video.  Customers want to see more of how your products are made, or how your service helps others.  People want to know people.  What’s the real story? How you helped others, who you are as a person, what your company stands for.  Nothing unveils the truth more than video.

3 Video Marketing Ideas

People are curious by nature, and we want to see an inside look into your company. What goes on behind the scenes? Whose face do you want us to think of when using your product? Use video to promote your staff and let them talk to your customers “face-to-face”. The next time Sally walks into your store, she can speak comfortably with your front-of-house employees. 

It is as simple as 1-2-3! Grab your phone, turn on the camera, and ACTION! There’s no excuse anymore when everyone is walking around with a “video camera” in their pocket!

Idea #1: “How-To” Segment

Try an impromptu 30-60 seconds single take with your camera phone.  Show us how you grow perfect flowers, or teach us a pro tip to use your software.  Introduce your company’s services.  Whatever you’re knowledgeable about, explain it.  Your customers will get to know you better, while learning things and building trust in your business.

Here is an example of a "How-To" video that was produced on a professional level. We provided the script, storyboard, and used professional camera equipment to promote our client, Versatile Concrete.

From Twin Creek Media's YouTube Channel:

Idea #2: Day in the Life of ______

Flip the camera into selfie mode, capture yourself running errands for your store. We can all relate to long line-ups, inflation of commonly used goods and services, or other local businesses that you like to support. 

Document a piece of your life. Tell us your story, and we will see that you are a regular Joe that has the same problems as we all do! This might seem insignificant to you, but people enjoy seeing the real you (versus the overproduced, perfect-in-everyway-fake-Instafamous). 

Maybe your clients are wondering why your prices have gone up or why your business hours have changed? Sharing these “menial” tasks with us will allow us a better understanding of you and your business.

Here is an example of our client, Fresh Air. They create professional vlogs to talk to their customers about products, keep us updated with their families, and interview guests or staff members.

Bill Cole from Jani-King of Manitoba takes us into what being a business owner is all about!

From Twin Creek Media's YouTube Channel:
From Twin Creek Media's YouTube Channel:

Idea #3: Give Your Customers a Voice

Give your customers an incentive to get on film and talk about why they love your product or service! The best way to sell something is through word of mouth. We know that you already believe in your product, but why does Justin like using your service? The new buying generation - Millennials - flex their social muscle by becoming influencers and sharing the products they love with their peers. Leverage a mini-influencer, a hyper-local, fan favourite! Get your product out there in a genuine way; it will promote customer loyalty and brand trust.

Here is an example of our client Okanagan Insulation Services. 

From Twin Creek Media's YouTube Channel:

How Your Local Marketing Team Can Help!

Video marketing can be overwhelming, especially when the idea is more than you can do yourself on your phone.  We know that fitting extra stuff in your day can become frazzling. 

Talk to your local marketing team! We are here to help provide guided strategies to ensure your time is utilized at 100%. We can set you up for success by creating a storyboard, writing a script, bringing in voiceover talent, or actors, creating animations or whatever you need.  When the video is finished, then it’s time to make some noise! Incorporate your video into your social media strategies, embed into your recent blog, or add to your YouTube channel!  Let’s make sure 1000s of people see the content you’ve worked hard to create.

This is our specialty! We will allocate your resources, tell your story, engage with your audience, publish to your sites, and analyze the data! Videos will help to boost your business by creating more SEO (which Google loves), increase your click-through rate by 65%, and studies show that 65-80% of people who watch videos will buy your product!

We are Kelowna’s marketing department, available to help you build your brand, pump up your social media channels, or refresh your website. Contact us today to discuss the growth of your company!