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2010 Valley Wide Chambers of Commerce Event

by Amelia Penner, Account Coordinator

Last week we had an opportunity to participate in the 2010 Valley Wide Chambers of Commerce Event at the Historic O'Keefe Ranch.  This year's event attracted 500-600 people, and we had a great time meeting business people from across the Okanagan Valley.

As a side note, here's a quick message to the introverted, socially-inept who think that networking is only ONLINE! Social Media is very powerful, but you cannot forget about those face to face conversations and connections.  All of these social media tools should be used to strengthen those connections - not replace face to face meetings.  We are not knocking social media by any means as it is an extremely powerful tool, but it should be integrated with other marketing tactics. Bottom line: in local communities like Vernon, Kelowna, and Penticton, nothing replaces getting out there and physically meeting new people.

Below: Cara, Amelia, Thomas, and James mix it up with the other great Okanagan businesses.