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Marketer of the Year Award - Kelowna Marketing Agency

Kelowna Marketing - 2014 Kelowna Chamber of Commerce Awards Night

2014 Kelowna Chamber of Commerce Awards Night

 Kelowna Marketer of the Year - Finalist Award

We're proud to be chosen as a 2014 Finalist for Marketer of the Year by Kelowna Chamber of Commerce!  The same month we also celebrated our 10th year of business.  It's been a wonderful journey and we are proud of what the team has accomplished. Congratulations to the other Finalist, JuiceFM (who stole our plaque by accident! See photo above--Christina is wondering where our award went... ah the lady in black on the far left is looking guilty!) Also, a big congrats to the category Winner, Get In The Loop. Some business highlights in 2014: