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Best Responsive Website Designs

Having a responsive website (or dedicated mobile site) is absolutely critical if you want your business to succeed on the web. With the mobile web continuing to grow in usage every day, you're going to get left behind if you don't integrate a responsive website into your business strategy. If you've browsed through the work examples on our site you'll notice we've embraced responsive designs as a great solution for the 100s of different devices and screen resolutions out there. When you're trying to decide what design will fit your business needs, it can be helpful to take a look at some of the best responsive website designs that exist today. Note that these designs aren't in any specific order; all ten are what we believe to be the best examples of responsive website design on the web today.

#1: Dadaab Stories

What We Love Dadaab Stories really makes you feel like you've transported to the Dadaab African Village. Their unique use of video pulls you in while not detracting from the overall design of the site. Their headers and typography make you feel as if you're watching a movie unfold before your eyes.

#2: Contents Magazine

What We Love This extremely simple website manages to make responsive design a part of their brand. Their logo re-sizes depending on the size of your screen, along with the background image. The design of this site provides a very comfortable reading experience and is a site you could easily spend hours on.

#3: Sketchin

What We Love This website is a great example of wonderful user experience at work, which is expected from an international user experience design company. The typography sits beautifully atop the changing background images, which also have a cool interactive feature when viewed in full screen. You can really feel their passion for design the moment you visit their site.

#4: Design Week Portland

What We Love Obviously built by a group of professional designers, this site illustrates the amount of care and precision that goes into the design of a website. The welcome slider works well across every screen size, and entices visitors to explore the site further. You may think a site about design, in one of the most creative cities in the world, wouldn't be very accessible, but their warm color scheme, and easygoing messaging creates an experience everyone can enjoy.

#5: Ableton

What We Love A company whose primary focus is musicians, has managed to create a visually enticing website that is clear, simple, and frankly, very interesting. You may not be a musician but you'll be enticed by their offerings.

#6: Starbucks

What We Love Most corporate websites strike you as dull, bland and boring. Starbucks really sets the tone for corporate websites, by designing a site that is extremely well branded, and conveys a lot of information, while not being overwhelming.

#7: This is Responsive

What We Love This design manages to be playful, yet serious in the same moment. The continuously shifting patterns will draw you in the moment your browser loads this wonderful site. The fluidity of the design is incredible, but what would you expect from a site literally called "This is Responsive"? The site offers the latest news and patterns in the responsive design world.

#8: Blissard Animation

What We Love Blissard's animation studio truly creates a one of a kind experience with their website. Their site is extremely simple but very powerful. Their use of a video portfolio immediately draws you into their world. The video also displays perfectly no matter what screen size you're visiting their site on.

#9: 8 Faces

What We Love Simple and responsive. This site is very straightforward and elegant. A lot of fluid sites try to bring in too many elements and lose the integrity of their design. 8 Faces conveys their messaging in a manner that makes it easy on the reader. If typography is your thing, do yourself a favor and check out their site.

#10: Flov

What We Love Creative agency The Flov, has a very sharp and futuristic website that creates a seamless experience for the user. Their fluid design is very image-heavy, while still loading extremely quickly. This agency really shows their attention to detail with their sharp, defined lines, and beautiful full-screen banner.

We hope you've found this collection valuable and have even gained some inspiration for your own website. If you're interested in improving your website today get in touch with our team of Kelowna web designers as soon as possible.

by Kevin Wood