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How To Infuse Passion into a Website

Picture our team of geeks and artsy types huddled around a 27" iMac computer screen...

Dead silence.  You could hear a pin drop.  You could see your breath in the air (if it had been cold enough).  We were on a mission to re-imagine what our own website could be.  We've designed 100s of creative campaigns and website projects over the years, but it was our turn this time.  How would it look, and what would it say... what would go unsaid?  How do we create a memorable website experience during the fabled 5 second web visitor judgment period--that tiny window of time where a potential customer decides if your website is worth staying for 3-5 minutes. Our services were well explained.  Our key differentiators seemed reasonably differentiated.  But something was missing... it was hard for us to pinpoint. 

Then we realized that we were bored with our website.  Through our rambling conversations and metaphorically standing on our desks to change perspectives (Robin Williams, Dead Poet's Society), we discovered the missing ingredient: passion.  We decided to infuse some imagery of what inspires us and write some statements that captured the essence of our humanity (not the essence of a product or skill).  We found what moved us, and more importantly the "why" behind what a marketing agency is.  We revised most of the sections with an eye for art + science + passion.  The result was a website we loved again, for a while at least!

Take a look at our website to experience it for yourself: