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Charts That Point to the Future of Marketing

Marketing is a bit of a BHAG - a Big Hairy Audacious Giant. In the fast moving digital marketing world, you can't improve what you're not measuring.  Our Kelowna marketing agency is a data-driven team of creative geeks, so we love numbers and stats. Here's a few charts that tell an interesting picture of the future of marketing and advertising:

In 2016, companies increased budgets for email marketing, social media, and display advertising.


Marketers are most excited about opportunities in optimizing the customer experience, creating compelling digital content, and using data to connect on an individual level with consumers.


Time spent on mobile grew 31% in 2015, while desktop continues to fall.



B2B marketers' top pain points around lead generation are about lead quality, improving results, and sales and marketing alignment.


Charts like these point out areas to better improve current marketing efforts, ultimately helping you to improve return on investment. Read more on the HubSpot website: 27 Charts That Point to the Future of Marketing and Buying