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Put the Social Back in Social Media

Reach your customers on a personal level. Increase retention and customer loyalty!

Reach your customers on a personal level. Increase retention and customer loyalty!

We are familiar with the effects that social media has on our emotions and buying habits. But do you know how to leverage that for your business? It is as simple as a coffee date to catch up with an old friend.

We aim to put the social aspect back into these media channels to help you build customer loyalty and trust! Don’t worry - we will break down the tools which will help you succeed and strategies to strengthen your social media presence!

What is Conversational Marketing?

This new trend, conversational marketing, is increasing in popularity for consumers and businesses alike. Essentially, you are building leads through dialogue and one-on-one conversation with your customers. The idea is to create a bond, emotional connection, and long-lasting relationship with your potential clients through - that’s right - genuine conversation!

Effectively Use Conversational Marketing

When you are visiting a storage website, you may interact with a pop-up with a conversation box asking, “How can I assist you with your move today?”

Or visiting a local cafe’s Facebook page, you may see a messenger app appear at the bottom of the screen with frequently asked questions. These are all tools that are initiating conversational marketing. 


Chatbots are not new to consumers, however, they have vastly improved since the days of dead air between the consumer and the customer service agent on the other end. 

There are so many features that are available to personalize your client experience through chatbots.

  • placing a pre-chat form in the LiveChat browser so that your agent can respond to the customer by name.
  • adding the name and photo of the agent handling the chat.
  • including a proactive greeting, such as, “Welcome back” to customers returning to your website.
  • placing a live help button that connects the customer to a phone line or video chat.

The benefits don’t just apply to your website visitors. With this tool, you can track recent purchases, save time and money, create a streamlined funnel for your business, and much more! 

Social Media Messengers

Not everyone will go to your website first. Some buyers will visit your social media profiles to discover your flair and personality! Utilize social media messengers to start a conversation. This tool will help your clients navigate through your products and services. By providing frequently asked questions, it allows customers to shop independently. But, you can interject at any time to help them with more technical questions. This form of communication will provide the opportunity to convert, upsell, and provide your expertise and relax your customer!

Millennials - The New Buying Force

Unlike the Baby Boomers, Millennials will use your social media channels to view your company from the inside out. This tactic in many cases is replacing Google reviews. 

  • What this generation cares about when flexing their buying muscles are simple - are my peers buying this product? 
  • Will this product be detrimental to the environment or my health? 
  • And how is this company providing for our community? 

With so many products and services out there, this generation isn’t fixated on cost. What’s important is how it will make the person feel after they finish swiping their card. This generation is how you will benefit the most from using conversational marketing! Building a bond and relationship with a Millennial will provide repeat business and referrals - every time!

Gone are the days of ads telling people what to buy and where to go. Now is the age of long-lasting relationships and what truly matters most - trust and loyalty. Work on your social media accounts to show who you are as a business, your employee's values, what your core values are, and take us for a ride in your shoes! Don’t be shy - this new wave of buyers wants to get to know you and what makes your company unique! 

Twin Creek Media wants to start a conversation with you about your marketing strategy. Do you have the time to become a success? We will be waiting for you!