Meet Kevin: Web Developer

It didn’t take much to reel this big fish out of the creek – he walks into our Kelowna web design company office every day like he’s on a mission! We’re happy to just hand him a paddle and let him do his thing as he works on web development, blog posts, and SEO optimization.

Born and raised in Kelowna with a nose for direction (helped in large part by being in Beavers, Cubs, and Scouts), Kevin has never been lost in real life or online. He’s a huge proponent of eye-catching web design and making a good first impression for your company – something we’re also passionate about! Before joining us, he worked as a web developer where he revamped and created new websites for lots of companies, including Lil Bear Contracting Corp, Stride Leadership, and Elevated Talent.

“Your happiness in life is determined by the people you surround yourself with. If you want good vibes in life you need to surround yourself with good positive people.”

Kevin loves hanging out with his niece and nephew

Hockey has always been a big part of Kevin's life

Work-life balance is an important aspect of having a happy life, and Kevin takes to that ideal like a fish to water (or creek?). He enjoys spending time with his niece and nephew, going to Canuck games with his brother, and he looks forward to his mom making a secret homemade Mac and Cheese for his birthday every year.

Kevin is also very into tattoos – something he brings his family into. One of his two arm sleeves is a dedication to family: primarily his late father but also for his mom, little sister, and older brother. We hope Kevin gets his wish to see his dad again at the pearly gates.

“I’m a pretty sensitive person, so I get emotional and creative from music, art, and movies/TV shows. My older brother jokes that a feather in the wind could get me going.”

But there’s more to Kevin than just work and family (although he values those things very highly). Our newest creeker loves video games, spray paint art, and music – so much so that he plays the drums, is learning to play guitar, and dreams of starting a band someday (and we’ve already decided we’ll be in the front row for the first show!).

He’s also very into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and would take Spiderman’s superpowers in a heartbeat. And why not? We think spiders and goldfish get along – maybe – so sorry Toby Maguire, Kevin may think you’re the GOAT, but we think we’ve got a GOAT in Kevin.

We’re thrilled to welcome this jack of all trades to our web design agency!

Started as a Tiktok interest, and turned into a fun hobby

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