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Meet Shana: Social Media Manager

We stocked up on extra fishing line to cast out farther than ever before – and were thrilled to reel back a social media marketing superstar from Sri Lanka. To our delight, she told us she loves the sound of a babbling brook so we think we’ve found the perfect new goldfish to join our creek.

“A well-thought-out creative campaign can also bring in high budget results at a minimal cost.”

Shana has a passion for the powers of imagination and a love of writing inspired by her childhood teacher Mrs. Illangakoon. It’s probably why she’s been so successful in online marketing services. From social and digital media creative content management to web content writing, Shana has proved her eye for creativity through performance-driven campaign management projects like Softlogic’s 2019 Black Friday Campaign, Popeye’s Launch Campaign in Sri Lanka, and charity fundraisers.

“Life will turn upside down and flip over - and it'll all be for the better.”

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s all the imagination, but Shana thrives when there aren’t too many rules holding her down. And I mean – so do we! That’s why we love our oddball values and are willing to step out of the way as Shana paddles down the creek to conceptualize and style product shots, direct video conceptualization, and craft creative marketing campaigns.

No matter what Shana works on, she’s willing to bend the traditional rules of marketing to think outside of the box and break records.

“Whenever you can, be kind, but don't tolerate stupid.”

In our Kelowna marketing company, Shana brings a sweet tooth with her to work each day. Her love of chocolates, a good cup of tea, and spices always make for good water cooler talk. Her kindness has won a special place in our hearts, and though Kelowna has its share of construction noises, we hope Shana can get lost in our beautiful forests and parks to listen to the wind, chattering squirrels, and babbling brooks that refuel her energy.

We’re thrilled to welcome our newest goldfish to our Kelowna digital marketing agency!

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