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Graphic Designer's Photoshop Tattoo

We know lots of graphic designers and website designers in Kelowna who spend ridiculous amounts of time inside software tools like Adobe Photoshop.  We don't see their love expressed on the skin very often though!  Very dedicated and funky! When you love your work this much... The graphic designer wrote Adobe: "When I was in high school, I spent every waking moment in Photoshop creating websites and collages for my favourite show, The X-Files (don't laugh!).

Thankfully, all of the time I spent paid off and now I'm able to use my Photoshop skills on a daily basis doing a job I love. Photoshop's been a big part of my past, and now, it will always be a part of my future. Thanks, Adobe! Hope everyone enjoys the Photoshop Toolbar Tattoo 

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