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Social Media Marketing Cheatsheet

James Shaw, Creative Director/Partner

My Father-in-law (age 68) asks me (age 37) about MyFace, and Lin-kin-din every once in a while.  After all, his business (a Kelowna garden centre) is extremely active on social media networks. He may get the name of Facebook mixed up with MySpace, but the man knows his own business - he could identify 100's of plants and flowers blindfolded.  Maybe I should start calling him the "Geranium Whisperer".

You see, that's the issue these days.  People are experts in their own areas and social media is something for the kids to play with.  The thing is, great businesses have always relied on word-of-mouth marketing.  Social Media at its core is just that - and the conversation just moves online.   With our Social Media Marketing Cheatsheet, you'll be leveraging the power of Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Youtube in no time.  Even if you have to get a few people involved, it's an important communications channel that can't be ignored.