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The Redefined Workplace In 2022

James is shown fully embracing Twin Creek’s 3/2 hybrid workweek.

James is shown fully embracing Twin Creek’s 3/2 hybrid workweek.

How do you see your work life in 2022? 

That is a big question for a lot of Canadians. The last two years have forced business owners to work remotely, and as we move forward into this year, will that trend continue?

The Origins of Telecommuting

In 1972, the term ‘telecommuting’ was coined by Jack Niles while he was working remotely on a NASA communication device. It then evolved into ‘flexplace’ just before the ‘80s when author Frank Schiff wrote a well-received article “Working From Home Can Save Gasoline.” (Oh boy, is that true at $2/L across BC in March 2022!) 

This new revelation in the workforce continued to rise throughout the ‘90s in the entertainment industry and within Government. The new millenium brought on better communication tools which helped boost the movement and better prepare all Canadians to continue to work from home during the pandemic.

How Canadians Have Adapted

Ispos, the global leader in market research, conducted a poll that cited 64% of Canadians agree that they achieved a better work/life balance in 2021. Hmm… better work/life balance during a pandemic? Interesting…

As a result, many employers are adopting more of a hybrid approach — which is radicalizing the future of office work. This blended approach takes the demand away from being in the office five days a week, providing more flexibility.

What Are The Consequences?

The biggest struggle for most workers is the lack of (real) face-time with co-workers to brainstorm, communicate, and collaborate in person. Lucid Spark reports that 37% of workers struggle not to ideate in person. It is not just employees who are floundering — owners and managers agree that there has been a significant decrease in corporate culture. So, how do you keep your business identity and keep morale high?

3 days face-to-face in the office is just right.

3 days face-to-face in the office is just right.

It's All About Balance

Happy people = happy company. At Twin Creek, we like the balance between in-office and work-from-wherever. We like working in-person three days per week because humans are social animals. Two days per week we can be animals elsewhere. Win-win! James Shaw, Creative Director/Partner, Twin Creek Media

Effectively Using Workflow Tools

James has empowered our team with two flex days per week. We are encouraged to work from home, at the office, or wherever we feel will be the most productive. 

We actively participate in No-Meeting-Mondays; this gives the team time to focus on the start of the week. We can connect with clients, catch up on content creation or strategy planning, creatively craft ads, or whatever we need to get back at it from the weekend.

Fridays were flexdays for our team starting back in 2018.  We continued that tradition as work-from-home became the norm.  We continued it when we returned to the office.  Flexdays means flexible location AND flexible hours.  People regular shift work hours around on Fridays, such as starting earlier or ending later to allow a big gap midday for errands, kids events, or exercise.

Our team has mastered the art of Zoom calling and Slack messaging to keep our team connected — anywhere at any time. James is happy with how our team has enveloped these tools. “We’re lucky to be in an industry that can be very effective with just a laptop and internet connection. People love the flexibility and work gets done”. Whether we have a blockade that we need to solve or just to have a place to tell jokes and brighten up the day, we make sure to stay connected.

Creating social channels within workflow tools is a great mood-booster and social channel.

Creating social channels within workflow tools is a great mood-booster and social channel.

The New Office Space

Let's face it, the workplace has changed drastically in the past two years. You may not be at your desk for 8 straight hours - there's the slow cooker to get going, the laundry to flip, and kids and fur babies! All of these things are important and are what have led to the 64% of people feeling better about work/life balance. These are gifts that we need to welcome with the hybrid working model.

"I had to change the way I worked in order to care for my family. I was, for the first time in over 20 years, not going to the office 5 days a week. It was honestly a little bit scary. But really, it was a gift to be with my kids and have that freedom." Teresa, Account Manager and Communication Director at TCM

The environment that works best for you is not always the ideal space for another. We are fortunate to be a part of these industry changes that allow for a more realistic work/life balance to fit the modern lifestyle. So, where do you see yourself thriving to be the most productive — at home or at the office? Luckily, for millions of office workers, the choice is more readily becoming yours.


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