Meet Ariel: Data Analyst

There is no challenge too big for Ariel, which translates to her hard-working and compassionate attitude.

This free-spirited talent moved to Kelowna from Vancouver four years ago with her partner in crime and the love of her life  — one a Great Dane and one a Great Man — it is for you to decide who has which title. 

Relaxing in her backyard on Knox Mountain, Kelowna, BC.

Landing at the top of her hobbyist spreadsheet, Ariel ranks hiking with Rorshach (her Great Dane)at a 92.8%. It is no surprise that Ariel takes her Jeep through the mountains to camp, explore, and find the perfect spot to read a book. Her risk assessment is low for getting lost in the woods because of her keen sense of direction. On the other end is her inner soul which relates to every “Grandma Hobby” out there - including pottery, macrame, weaving, and wanting to learn how to crochet.

“I love knowing that I have the choice to create my own experience,“ expresses Ariel.



Saskatchewan’s population of 1.7 million people decreased when Ariel migrated to British Columbia. Moving to Vancouver to pursue a creative career, she attended art school. Graduating with a diploma in Merchandising and Marketing for Fashion, Ariel decided to stay in B.C. for the weather (who wouldn’t?).

Ariel seizes opportunities where she can, and it comes from her life motto, “You grow through what you go through — 100%.”

Ariel is an unsupervised learner, but that does not mean she will go in blind when measuring metrics, mining data, and pulling statistics for our clients; she will never miss the Big Data.

Boating on Okanagan Lake, Kelowna BC.

Using her business intelligence that she acquired through merchandise planning, James is awestruck by her mastery of spreadsheets. Our numbers game has just gone up now that we have this savvy Data Analyst on our team.

Ariel lives by, "Be real, be yourself; because a lack of authenticity and originality is a big turn-off."

Being within nature is Ariel’s happy place; the sound of rain in the forest is grounding for this easy-going woman. It’s ironic that she chose the Okanagan as her roosting place because the annual rainfall we receive is only 691 mm. 



Our Creek is more clamorous with Ariel because her laugh and vibrant, energetic presence are contagious. 

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