marketing services


Research, Strategize, Budget.

Planning Services are at the core of every project. It starts with our unique perspective. We view ourselves as your marketing department. So we know if results aren’t awesome, you won’t be happy.

Better answers, start with better questions. We’ll guide the process with goal setting, market research, strategy, messaging, tactics, and budgeting. The end result is a Marketing Roadmap - a clear path to our destination.

better answers start with better questions

  • Goal Setting
    Let’s define the key performance indicators that have the most impact on your business— financial or other. Setting goals gives us targets to hit, plus accountability and direction.
  • Customer Conversion Optimization
    Work smarter, not harder. Using your sales cycle and current conversion rates, we’ll optimize your process for better results.
  • Measurement Strategy
    You won’t know what’s working if you don’t measure it. We have the process, tools, and technology to measure what’s happening.
  • Baseline Website Performance
    Is your website working? I mean, really working? Your stats will tells us. We know how to read all the numbers and we’ll tell you the story in plain language.
  • Website Search Engine Optimization
    What does Google really think about your website? These days, bots and AI’s (artificial intelligence) play a big role when it comes to ranking well online. Ranking well equals more website traffic, so let’s find out where you stand.
  • Website User Experience Optimization
    Do people like your website, can they find what they’re looking for, and are they taking the right actions? Let’s find out and create a plan to improve.
  • Online Competitive Analysis
    Who are the current industry leaders, how do you stack up, and what can we learn from their website, market position, social media activity, and digital marketing tactics?
  • Customer Surveys
    What do your customers think about your business, your products, or services? Tap into the collective intelligence of your own community to answer questions you’ve always wanted to know.
  • Marketing Personas
    Together we’ll develop multiple, ideal profiles of your customers— fictitious, but accurate representations. These people become our target audiences for communications and advertising campaigns later on.
  • Marketing Budget & ROI Projections
    Using the strategy developed, we’ll create detailed annual marketing budgets and projected campaign performance.
  • Advertising Messaging
    Related to branding, and with an eye on your market position, we’ll create the themes, taglines, and ad templates that speak to your target audience and inspire action.
  • Marketing Asset Inventory
    Do your sales people or managers have the all the tools they need? We’ll explore options such as brochures, web pages, videos, photos, written reviews & testimonials, emails, checklists, case studies, signage, swag, design templates, etc.