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Integrated Marketing - It's What We Do


  • market research
  • competitive analysis
  • brand audits
  • strategic planning
  • industry surveys
  • web analytics & SEO score cards
  • marketing and communications plans
  • graphic design
  • web design
  • photography
  • video
  • copywriting
  • database programming
  • custom app development
  • 3D animation
  • interactive motion graphics
  • internet
  • email
  • social media
  • mobile device
  • radio
  • TV
  • newspaper
  • magazine
  • media release / PR
  • direct mail
  • billboard
  • live event

Since 2004, Twin Creek Media has been a strategic and creative marketing agency located in Kelowna, British Columbia. The firm has carved a place in the marketing world by becoming known for integrated marketing: combining the best of internet and digital with the traditional mediums of print, radio, and TV. We've structured our company a little differently than other marketing agencies.  We have 4 people on our executive team, and 12 part-time specialists on our creative team. 

Clients get consistent leadership and project management while scoring the specialized resources that make up our "dream teams".

Normally, clients get "A" there, "B" the other place, "C" somewhere else, and run around between various companies fitting things altogether.  The result: lack of clarity, lack of continuity, lack of harmony in the marketing message. 

Instead, at Twin Creek Media clients get a well-rounded range of marketing services... from assessing the need, creating the materials, and choosing the right tool(s) for the job.  We fit in very nicely with SMBs (small/mid-sized businesses) - companies with 10 to 50 employees. Twin Creek Media aims to be the gold standard in integrated marketing.  Roughly half of our staff are Gen X and Y - we understand the digital world.  We live on the internet.  We breathe Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, digital video, SEM, SEO, mobile apps... we know how to integrate the best of what today's technology has to offer with what is tried and true in the advertising universe - the big 3: print, radio, TV. 

"We love integrated marketing.
Assessing your market and understanding your target audience is critical.  Creating the concept, designing the visuals, and crafting the words are undeniably important.  But the correct delivery of the message is crucial for successfully engaging your audience.  Marketing channels are all different and each have there own strengths and weaknesses.  We want to use the right marketing mix for each client." - Cara Reed, Account Director

We will not limit our services to one industry or one marketing tool.  Imagine marketing channels were colors of the rainbow... (oh boy, here comes the metaphor!) We will not limit our offerings to one color.  If you want just an expert in the colours of black & white, there are a million of them these days... just Google it.  We want to use any and all colours appropriate to tell your marketing story!