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Web Design Conundrum: Following Trends vs. Being Authentic

Is Your Website Too Trendy? Kelowna Web Designers Say New Year Brings True Branding

The Kelowna branding experts at Twin Creek Media agree: In 2013, the focus in website and logo design will shift. No more trend sheep. In the New Year, more businesses will see why your site and your logo should capture your organization's personality and offer functionality first. In one of the first of many articles to come about the top upcoming technology, marketing and web development trends, blogger Ali Qayyum's "Six Expected Web Design Trends in 2013"  says web and brand designers will let trends take a backseat to new priorities. "Designers will focus more on selecting the things that will complement the brand itself or enhance the beauty of the logo. Designers will focus more on translating the business through the website...," says Qayyum, adding he thinks this will be a lasting trend.

At Twin Creek Media, we've always thought of ourselves as interpreters. You tell us your story, and we tell it to the world with the right words, images, marketing tools, and technology. During our first 'dates' with clients, we ask a lot of questions:

  • Who are you? How did you get started? What makes you want to get up and spend 12 hours on your business every day?
  • What's so darn special about your product or service? How are you different from everyone else?
  • Who are your customers? Why are their lives better because of what you sell?

We believe all of your marketing material, from your logo to your home page, should be a mirror of your business, not a stage for every widget we know of. At Twin Creek, we want to capture your company's unique personality on the page. Why? True branding delivers brand awareness--a website that works on every level. That means brand recognition. And long-term customer loyalty. And word of mouth. And site traffic. And, of course, sales. Is your brand too busy?

Let the web Kelowna branding experts at Twin Creek Media help you create an image and a website that reflects your business and leads to long-term sales. Contact us today to arrange your first date.