Twin Creek Media Wins Web Design Awards

The CSS Design Awards is an international web design and development award platform. They honour and showcase designs from agencies, freelance designers, and companies that push the boundaries of innovation. CSSDA has an expert panel of judges that recognize entrants with prestigious awards and certificates. 

Twin Creek Media recently was awarded Best Innovation, Best UI Design, and Best UX Design for our client — Bullseye Packaging. The judges assessed aesthetics, effectiveness, and experience, scoring on each, to help determine recipients of the awards. 

Vibrant colours, typography, imagery, simplicity, and functionality all pull together in this great webpage!

The web designers at Twin Creek Media in Kelowna enhanced the User Interface (UX) design with reorganized navigation designed around what customers are looking for. When users scroll through the page, they will notice cohesive brand colours and customers and services organized by industry. The food & beverage packaging industry is full of acronyms that can be overwhelming! Our innovative design team came to the rescue by creating a beautiful glossary page. We were able to elevate Bullseye's website for a better User Experience through customer success stories and lots of examples of finished packaging. The new site showcases Bullseye at its best. It's now a beautiful portfolio as well as a more effective sales tool.

Innovation refers to the use of new development and design ideas.

User Interface design such as aesthetics and effects.

 UX refers to User Experience and functionality.

We intend to continue pushing limits and boundaries of design to aid in our clients standing out from their competition. We offer services in all facets of design from digital, print, traditional, and much more!


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