Mobile Payment Infographic

Mobile web traffic is booming.  There are now more people accessing the internet from phones than desktop PCs.  Let that sink in for second! At some point, every business owner is going to have to tackle the questions of how to keep customers happy on their iPhones, iPads, Galaxie's , etc.  Part 1 of the "keep them happy" strategy is creating a mobile friendly website that is simple, fast-loading, and easy to use.  Without a dedicated mobile website or a responsive design that shape shifts according to screen size, many potential customers will be turned off.  People are more impatient and demanding than ever.  I read a recent statistic that claimed half of all mobile web visitors will be gone if your site takes more than 4 secs to load.  Ouch.  And you better have a big "Click-to-Call" button somewhere obvious!    Hopefully, you've addressed these concerns.  If not, take a moment to consider the advantages of a mobile website. Part 2 of the "keep customers happy on their mobile devices" equation is allow people to pay for your products or services.  Here is a helpful info graphic to consider your options... The most important mobile payment infographic. Ever. The most important mobile payment infographic. Ever.