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TCM’s Top 10 Highlights for 2022

Another 365 days around the sun and Twin Creek has been anything but idle! With many fingers in a collection of many exciting projects and fun activities, 2022 has seen Twin Creek Media grow - in what we do and who we are. 

There’s no clear favourite from the past year - each of us have our own highlight from our own POV. What we can agree on - we have achieved many amazing things. Let each of us share them with you.



New Year, New People, New Dreams

Enter 2021. We had already welcomed a few new members to the team the previous year and 2022 saw us grow again with Ariel, Tom, Kevin, and Shana joining the team. Now at 10 people, Thomas and I considered this a rebuilding year. A bit scary as a business owner, but I’m very proud of how well-rounded the team is now, and the added capabilities get me dreaming of new ways to help our clients.

November 2022, the team enjoys a hockey night out (and the home team won!)

November 2022, the team enjoys a hockey night out (and the home team won!)



The Twin Creek Web Design game is strong!

The Twin Creek Web Design game is strong!

Widening the Web for 2 Points

Growing our in-house web development team over the past year is definitely a major highlight for me. I’m quite proud of how we are one of the best and most trusted web design companies in Kelowna. With each project, we are learning and pushing the boundaries. I think this past year we launched some of the best sites we’ve ever done.

Creating better systems and processes creates a ripple effect that helps the entire team excel at their roles. And it’s so important to keep both eyes and an extra one on the numbers. We are all about all things analytical, and Improving the new ROI reporting platform was another significant highlight for me this year! As a digital advertising agency, this has helped our clients understand and optimize their ad budgets, with improved ROIs basically across the board.



Architecting Excellence

I love me a good website! And this year, I got to be a part of so many great launches. Understanding where it all starts from… the audience we are trying to reach and the business goals we are trying to meet, and then guiding the creation of the website to meet both. I love the little design delights and messaging bits on the Bullseye Packaging site. And the Recurve Solutions site has a simplistic beauty to it. The challenge of fine tuning corporate messaging and communications to be strategically mirrored on the DENT website closed out the year. Looking back, the clients I worked with and the sites I was a part of are easily the highlight of my year. 

Intention and delight is a part of every site we create.

Intention and delight is a part of every site we create.



Takes a village to create a great website!

Takes a village to create a great website!

It’s All About the People

Best way for me to explain is that one thing has led to another. The team has evolved - we had a few years of separation (ahem, COVID) and then some significant changes in team members. There were some unknowns at first, but collectively, we've built a solid marketing team, and it's been amazing to be a part of this process. And this team has driven the success for so many of our clients! Pool Patrol skyrocketed in reach and sales, Fresh Air launched its new website, MINDS was acquired by Astec (we're smack in the middle of a website redesign; stay tuned!) and last but not least, we welcome another new client, Arthon. What I’ve realized is that the relationships I’ve built with my teammates and my clients is that constant driver to always deliver the best.



Got My Creative Hat On!

We came a long way in becoming a fully-equipped creative agency this year, and it has been really exciting for me to take over the video/filming side of things. My highlight is of course filming the Twin Creek music video! It’s still not out, so I won't spoil the surprise, but stay tuned for one of the coolest productions you'll ever see! And then there was the Jani-King of Manitoba “How Much Clean” video… and the Space Centre MI-BOX video… and, wow! I was a part of a whole bunch of really cool video projects! Small and large companies alike are using videos more and more, and we've integrated video into our regular marketing services for quite a few companies.  The work produced ranges from voiceovers & narration to parody music videos, short social media clips, to longer company overview videos. Content is leveraged on websites, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. It's effective, and it's been too much fun.

From Twin Creek Media's YouTube Channel:
From Twin Creek Media's YouTube Channel:
From Twin Creek Media's YouTube Channel:
From Twin Creek Media's YouTube Channel:
From Twin Creek Media's YouTube Channel:
From Twin Creek Media's YouTube Channel:



It Starts With One Step

Joining this fun-loving group of professionals in March this year is quite the highlight in my calendar. Yes, it may have started out with a full-on discussion about Muppets (not sure I’ve ever debated what Muppet I was in an interview), but here we are! It’s been an exciting year so far, and I have simply loved working with this energetic and passionate marketing department! Yes, I have enjoyed getting to know all my clients and diving into their businesses. And yes, I have learned so much in terms of marketing strategies and analysis. But for me, it truly comes down to my Day One. Walking into Twin Creek Media for my first day on the job is the thing that I am most fond of this past year.



Driving the Numbers Game

You might be wowed by all of the pretty websites and videos and social posts… but my highlight of the year makes it all relevant. I got to be a part of introducing our new reporting software and rolling it out for our monthly and annual reporting. Efficiency - check! Accessibility - check! Most importantly, this has allowed us to optimize reporting and create useful visual statistics to help our clients understand their data. It’s very rewarding to be able to spin my chair around and quickly answer that “hey, how did that perform last month” question asked a zillion times. At Twin Creek Media we help you make marketing decisions based on numbers, and not just on a whim.

All the numbers that matter, in one place

All the numbers that matter, in one place



Got Some Serious Video Skills

I was challenged this year with the Dawson Group 100-year anniversary video. The project was very important to the client - celebrating a century is no small feat - and I had the opportunity to flex my video editing skills with this one. The final video came out great, the client simply LOVED it and it’s now a piece of the Dawson Group history. The project kind of speaks to what it’s like to work at Twin Creek; you never know what the day is going to bring. It could be a social post or website design or infographic, or it could be a historical video capturing the company legacy!



Doing it All Together

I’m going to flip things around a bit, after all, someone has to talk about all the FUN we have as a team and the general atmosphere in the office.

GO ROCKETS! Attending the team outing at the Rockets game (BOX SEATS!) was incredible as I’m a huge hockey fan and I've never watched a game in style like that before. Plus, I got to teach Shana about hockey! And it was also really fun to be in charge of purchasing Christmas decorations and decorating the office. Water cooler banter and laughter, patio lunches, and the occasional after-work gathering continually unites this team, making TCM a pretty epic place to work.

Kevin did the whole office up for Christmas!

Kevin did the whole office up for Christmas!



Embracing the New

My first ever Timbit, going to my first hockey game, diving into Asana and exploring a wide array of clients and their diverse social media strategies; with only one month at Twin Creek Media, everything has been a highlight so far! The projects we do, the people we work with and even our cute little office, everything has been so exciting! All this past month has done for me is get me excited for what’s to come. So… I’ll see you in a year with my highlight of 2023!

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