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Twin Creek Media is All About “Value For Money”

From Twin Creek Media's YouTube Channel:

When Brandon from Plan B Contractors reached out to us, we were pretty excited to jump into the world of Construction! It was instant chemistry: We were excited about what we could do for them (we had so many ideas!), and Plan B was excited to scale their marketing activities!

“We knew we wanted to do something for our marketing campaign, having not really done anything in the past. We were looking at local companies, and Twin Creek really stood out. We were really drawn to their website, which had a really cool video and was just really well thought out. We thought, "Hey, if we're attracted to their marketing program, then they might be a good fit for us!"

Although Plan B Contractors came to us because they were impressed by our Barenaked Ladies parody video, we were able to do way more than video production for them! From a comprehensive marketing roadmap to an upgraded website and strategic marketing incentives focused on driving results, we have been helping Plan B increase their reach and ROI.

“They revamped our website, established a brand for us that was more thorough and kind of catchy and also just kind of over-overhauled our whole marketing strategy.”

We always ask our customers why they like working with us (Fishing for compliments? Yes, but also to understand what we can do better and what we do right). Every time, the answer is “The People.” Twin Creek Media has the dream team in place—thanks to James’s inspired hiring processes. (Also, good energy attracts good energy!).

“I would say our favourite part about working with Twin Creek would be the people. They're extremely fun and creative and outgoing and they really aligned with our team, and we gelled right away. They're just always looking for value for our money, and there are opportunities to work with and collaborate with local magazines and there's some opportunities there that they helped us get involved with, that really provided good value for the money.”

At Twin Creek Media, we always look for that “Return on Investment.” We track every cent we spend to ensure that our clients see the results of their investment. This has helped us determine what exactly works and what does not—and it also gives our clients complete visibility into everything we do!

“Would we recommend Twin Creek? Yes, 100% we would for sure!”

Thank you, Brandon and Plan B Contractors. We absolutely love working with you!

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