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Funny But True Reasons to Hire Our Kelowna Web Design Team - Part 1

Over the years, we've heard a plethora of reasons why people have chosen our Kelowna web design and marketing team. Some of these reasons are what you would expect: a business owner comes to us looking for guidance on their brand identity, or they just need help figuring out the whole social media thing everyone's been all a'twitter about (har har). In our four-part series, we've pulled out some of the reasons that have made us chuckle, despite them coming from unfortunate situations. In no order, here's reason #1:

We won't leave you hanging.

Not being a mere "web design company" has its advantages.  As an integrated marketing agency based in Kelowna, BC we're here to help small and mid-sized companies across Canada beyond the initial project.  And it's nice to phone and talk to a real living, breathing person.... not a machine or a disconnected dial tone.  We've been here for 9 years (and love it!), so we won't disappear to a beach hut somewhere and leave you hanging.  We promise.

Have you had some funny horror stories with web design companies or marketing agencies?  Let us know in the comment box below.

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