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Funny But True Reasons to Hire Our Kelowna Web Design Team - Part 4

Search Engine Optimization... Conversion and Bounce Rates... Price Per Click......72DPI jpeg....Huh?! When trying to explain the technical workings of marketing, you may as well speak a different language. Luckily, our Kelowna website design and marketing agency is fluent in geek-speak (plus German, Vietnamese, and even an English accent if need be)! Here is reason #4 for why others have hired Twin Creek Media:

We're founded by geeks

Whether it's coming up with an effective marketing strategy, making sure potential customers can find you online, or optimizing your budget, we can help. That includes being able to tell you what you DON'T need to be spending money on... In fact, 99% of what we do is quoted upfront at a fixed cost, so we won't nickel and dime you like some "on the clock" service providers.  Because ya' know... we hate that too. We spend a lot of time educating ourselves so we can filter through the web design trends, social media tactics, and mobile web design options that work the best. 

Then we pass that knowledge onto our clients.  Our clients come to know us as a trusted resource--we know a lot of weird but useful stuff to harness technology to grow your business.  After all, we're founded by geeks. Want to learn more funny but true reasons why others have hired Twin Creek Media? Read on! Part 1: We don't leave you hanging. Part 2: You don't have to herd cats. Part 3: We hold hands.