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Funny But True Reasons to Hire Our Kelowna Web Design Team - Part 2

It's 2:30 pm on a Tuesday.  Do you know where your logo is?! It sounds like a line out of a public service announcement, doesn't it? Or maybe it has your palms sweating because you've asked the same question before (okay, maybe not that dramatic). It's a question our Kelowna marketing company often poses to our clients when we're putting together their marketing work. Oftentimes, however, the answer is "Let me get back to you on that" while they try to think where it might be.  Or, it's: "I've attached a bunch of files in this email... Maybe one will work for you?" That brings us to reason #2 for why others have hired Twin Creek Media:

You don't have to herd cats.

As a business owner, you know the importance of having a brand that identifies your company's values and goals. But if you've worked with bunch different companies doing your graphic or website design in Kelowna, you'll also know that it can get hairy trying to keep track of who has done what.  Before long, all your marketing materials use different colors, fonts, messages, buttons, photos, etc.  It's ugly. By keeping everything under one roof, you only have to remember one place to go! Our agency has a group of people all doing what they're best at.  But we're also working in harmony.  This ensures that you have brand consistency, rather than having your marketing materials present a different message about your company each time. So... do you know where your logo is? Comment below to share your experiences or let us know if you need some help with marketing your brand. We'd love to hear from you.

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