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The Guide: Mobile Websites for Business

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Remember that cool 1980s movie ET?

Throughout the whole movie the cute little long-necked alien just wanted to get home. I was a kid in the 80′s and I remember sitting in the theater (dreaming about flying on my BMX bike like that!) and hearing that famous line, "ET phone home?" It just struck me now how phones used to be for calling people. And that's it. Just calling people. If you think that's a silly thought, ask anyone on the streets of Kelowna what phones are for.

You'll likely get a range of answers like texting, email, Facebook, checking movie times, restaurant locations, shopping, watching videos, etc.  Some answers may even include phoning home. Funny how times change.  Of course, they're Googling your business too.  Have many sales have you lost due to a poor mobile customer experience?  Gulp! For business people, the gadgets that used to be only phones are now digital swiss army knives. Smart phones and tablets are everywhere. Toddlers, teens, and your granny have mobile devices. So let's figure out what your business should do about it½. download our Guide to Mobile Websites for Business.