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Thomas Berger Becomes a Partner

For Immediate Release

Kelowna Marketing Agency brings on New Partner

Kelowna, BC, June 2, 2011:

Long time employee, Thomas Berger, has become a partner in Kelowna marketing agency, Twin Creek Media.  Since the company was founded in 2004, Thomas has been involved first as a Web Developer and later as Technical Director.  Until now, Twin Creek Media has been solely owned by James Shaw.

Thomas states, "It made sense to become an owner in a business that I helped build from scratch.  Over the last 7 years James and I have been through all the up and downs, worked 'til midnight, and many weekends to get where we are today.  We've worked with some amazing people and learned a lot.  I'm excited to see where we can take the business from here."
James, the agency's CEO and Creative Director adds, "We've been friends for years.  I can't think of a better business partner to have.  Usually mixing business and friends isn't the best idea, but over the last 7 years we've pretty much been acting like founding partners anyway.  It feels good to make it official.  We work different ends the business with just enough overlap to understand each other.  He's the 'geek' to my 'style'... although maybe it's the other way around!"

Despite what this photo may portray, James and Thomas are both married.  To women.

"After becoming a partner, the first order of business was to fire myself", Thomas jokes. As it happens, being a partner allows more creative compensation methods, such as shareholder dividends.  Since regular employment income is the worst type of income when it comes to taxes and other deductions, the partners were eager to explore other options. The team is gearing up for busy summer with several new projects on the horizon, and others in full swing.  The company has seen a shift in the way businesses approach marketing - especially online marketing.  With people spending more time online and using sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, businesses are realizing that just having a website isn't enough.  Twin Creek Media now has quite a few projects that never really end, acting as a sort of offsite marketing department for several companies.  "I think companies in Kelowna are coming to terms with what it means to do business in 2011", says James.  "A few years ago, our clients would ask for X,Y, Z and think they were finished.  Now, most companies understand that marketing is a daily ongoing effort, and is much more of a two-way conversation between buyer and sellers."

About Twin Creek Media Since 2004, Twin Creek Media has been a strategic and creative marketing agency located in Kelowna, British Columbia. The firm has carved a place in the marketing world by becoming known for integrated marketing: combining the best of internet and digital with the traditional mediums of print, radio, and TV. The agency employs a hybrid team of full time staff and a global network of contract specialists who work on communications projects a range of retail, software, tourism, not for profit, and B2B companies.  Twin Creek Media can be contacted at 250.762.4001 or via email at