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Social Media Marketing: Blogging (Part 2)

We have already suggested that Kelowna businesses blog at least weekly to maximize blog effectiveness, but time of day is important too. Most blog tools allow the person doing the marketing to schedule posts at different times of day. This ensures that your Kelowna business doesn't post when your target audience is sleeping or busy with dinner!

Evidence suggests that most blog readers are morning people. This may be because blogs have taken the role of newspapers as a way for Internet users to obtain news and we are habitually seeking our news first thing in the morning to set us up for a day of sharing and discussing the news with others.

Link-sharing is one common way blog readers share interesting articles and new product information. For Kelowna businesses, this means ensuring your blog has an easy way to share the articles, such as a social media toolbar, to help your blog readers share the articles with other friends in Kelowna.

Commenting also peaks in the morning.  If you are the marketer in a Kelowna business, you should make time in your morning to read blog comments and respond to them.

What does this mean for Kelowna businesses?

Blog early and often (at least weekly) to maximize your exposure. Encourage users to share the messages and to leave comments.