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We get it. Choosing an agency is a tough decision. Or should you hire more internal staff instead? We’ve talked with a lot of business owners, and Marketing Directors over the years and noticed some common themes. Those questions lead to a fork in the road: either hire the necessary talent or outsource. We're not literally in your office, and we can't do everything. But we do have a small team of experienced experts that you can "plugin" to your operation for the cost of a single new hire. Just like an employee, we're not going to work for your competitor at the same time. Just like an employee, we're going to arrange all your advertising so you pay direct. But there's no training, no equipment to buy, less risk, and better results!

We have clients all over Canada, in all sorts of industries.  From a strategy call with an Ottawa client to a video project in Calgary to a training session in Kelowna... location doesn't matter as much these days.  We're in our Kelowna, BC headquarters, but it’s almost like we’re your marketing department across the road.

It's true. Our small team is often the perfect extension of your in-house marketing management.  We're on the lookout for companies and organizations that want to grow.  Disclaimer: It's also important that you aren't a micro-manager.  Partnerships take trust and if you prefer the ability to walk over to someone's desk, you're better off hiring internally instead of outsourcing.  For everyone else, what would you really want from a marketing partner?  We've had many years to think about just that.  Twin Creek has developed 4 differences that set our agency apart from the norm.  Check them out in the section below.

Why companies like working with us
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Core Team

Our core team of 9, plus our extended team of industry pros, instantly amplifies your in-house capabilities.



For the last 19 years we've worked with 100s of great Canadian companies. Leverage our experience!



As a performance marketing department we create measurable results for our clients - 10x ROI or more.
the team


James Shaw

CEO, Creative Director

Thomas Berger

COO, Technical Director

Management Team

Erica Griffin

Art Director,
Account Manager

Teresa Doulos
Communications Director,
Account Director

Tom Houston
Finance Director,
Account Director

Jocelyn Stodola
Account Manager

Katherine Kodric
Graphic Designer

Ariel Bouchard

Data Analyst

Shana Azeem

Social Media Manager

Kevin Bartlett

Web Developer

Alannah Baptista
Marketing Coordinator

Noah Barlow
Special Projects Lead


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One of our Core Values is philanthropy (aka, putting our money where our core-value-mouth is).  We believe that money and time are tools, and like most tools, they can be used for greater good.  Twin Creek Media supports many organizations and programs through donations of cash, skills, and time. Giving back is part of our DNA. In our small way, we are trying to be the change we want to see in the world.  See Twin Creek's other core values.

How do we do it?

  • Our employees can donate $500 company cash to any charity of their choice - no questions asked. It’s even better if they get involved in the cause along with the money.
  • Discounted work or pro bono projects - this is a biggie! We’ve been involved in loads of projects over the years!

Organizations We Have Supported

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Statement of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
+ Reconciliation with Indigenous Communities

Twin Creek Media is connected to its people, its community, and its industry. We encourage an equal and inclusive working and business environment, and support our community and charities through financial contributions directed by our employees. We recognize historical and current social challenges and issues with an open policy to discussion and solutions.

We respectfully acknowledge that our office is located on the traditional and unceded territory of the Syilx Okanagan People.

The Syilx Okanagan have taken care of their homelands for thousands of years. We are respectful of the Syilx Okanagan peoples, their knowledge, language, and history, as well as their ongoing relationship to the land and natural world.

Learn more about Syilx Okanagan peoples, their homelands and governance.