Brand Journalism: A New, True Approach to Marketing in Kelowna

Your customers are smart. They know the difference between advertising and information. When you offer your followers and site visitors authentic, educational information that meets their needs, you end up with real credibility and probably better sales. That's why marketing companies in Kelowna have adopted brand journalism: a marketing approach that focuses more on building your brand and a community than on blatantly selling something.

Your customers probably spend twice as much time on your website as they do in your store or office. Increasingly, consumers are looking for online reviews, how-to articles, demo videos and blog posts from experts. They want to learn how to do things and make informed choices, and they need reliable sources to do that. Capitalize on those needs with the services of a Kelowna branding firm and act like your own newspaper: provide educational material that speaks to your customers and puts their thirst for unbiased information first. (More after the jump) The videos we produced for The Greenery Garden Centre on spring perennials is a good example of how you can use brand journalism to educate customers and boost loyalty.  

What are the benefits of brand journalism?

Credibility and customer loyalty.

When the blog posts and videos on your Kelowna website offer valuable tips and step-by-step instructions--about painting, for example--your customers will see you as a genuine partner. Then, when they need a new can of primer, they're going to buy it from you.

Control your message and mission.

Until the age of digital access, companies relied on press releases and editors to communicate their messages and build their brands. Now, you can give your customers the information they need directly and with faster, more far-reaching results. All you need are brand journalists with a marketing company in Kelowna to create and curate that content.

Measure the results.

Unlike some forms of third-party advertising, brand journalism lets you see what's working.  How many hits did that article on RRSPs generate? How many comments did we get? What posts were shared? That way, you have real-time evidence of how you can continue connecting with customers. You can form a community, boost loyalty, and build your company's identity with any one of these brand journalism mediums: blogs, articles, videos, and e-books. If you're a small business in Kelowna, your brand's best friend is the marketing team at Twin Creek Media. Check out our post on how we offer all the in-demand and on-demand Kelowna marketing services you need.

Are you looking for a genuine way to connect with your customers and build your brand so your business can succeed for years to come? Contact the Kelowna marketing and branding experts at Twin Creek Media today.